Friday, 27 February 2015

!!!!!wainui camp!!!!!!!!!!

Wainui camp

I am excited for camp because we get to do lots of activity like high ropes,costering,kayaking,archery,parent activities.what I want to Achieve is getting to the top of the high ropes.i have a awesome bunk room with Teiken,Fletcher.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015



Today the kauri team had swimming sports and house activitys first was the width (across the pool)
Then there was the lengths (up and down the pool) I did lengths and we had to wait 40 mins
When it was time for the lengths I sat on edge of the pool and then we started (freestyle) and I didn't get a place Then 10 races later (backstroke) we were of again I didn't get a place again then it was lunch Then there was the relays in my relay we came last then we had house activitys we played one game and then we left.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Peer Mediation #1

Febuary 16 

Today I Renemberd to do my duty and I reminded someone that they were on duty
We were walking around the field after a lap we saw a year 4 student without there hat on so we reminded Him to put it on but he didn't have one so we told him to go into shade he didn't want to but eventually he got him to. Then we saw a year 3 climbing a tree so we reminded her about the school 
rule about climbing trees (not allowed)and them we left and swapped over dutys.

Monday, 16 February 2015


Febuary 16

We brainstormed ideas of what games we could play with the kauri and kakano teams Mr muller said its a good idea to keep it simpler for the kakano team and make sure they won't get bored and walk away so you could do 'octopus' or 'sneak up granny',but we could make it more complicated for the kauri team so we could play 'tricky tag' or 'dodge ball'. Then we played some of the games and Mr muller gave us some tips like to stand faceing the sun and the wind carring your voice.