Monday, 29 June 2015


This week for Kapahaka we started off with a few different songs and did the actions for
Pa Mai.  We are getting ready for the celebration of learning assembly at the end of the term. This is where we show the whole school and parents what we have learnt in kapahaka.  The senior kapahaka only perform together as the junior group are seperate for the assembly. I am looking forward to this assembly so I can show what great leaders our whole senior KAPAHAKA group are, we have practised for a long time so we are good at our performance. 


This week for maths i have been doing simple angles i am doing second test for it on ixl
right now.


28 JUNE 

Today I had peer mediation I couldn't find the people that I'm usually with
so I got someone else.  Then I found them so we went out onto the playground and field and walked and walked and walked but there wasn't any problems.This shows good leadership because we have to do peer mediation in pairs or threes.  Because I couldn't find the person that I am usually with, I found someone myself. This meant I could still do my peer mediation duty today. 


This week for writing we have been finishing our Explanation for our careers board
i have already finished mine so i have been editing my writing.


This week for reading we did a assessment i had mine on inference i did
well my new goal is to have better knowledge of vocabulary.

Friday, 19 June 2015


This week for discovery I have moved up to multistructural because i have been able
to use skills and keep the ball close and shot but not score.


For dicorery this week I moved up to unistructural because i have been i have been keeping the
ball close to my feet without using skills.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Today for reading we had to do an assement and a teacher activity and some must dos and prediction activitys.


This week for writing we had to write about what career we want to have when we are older I did a professional footballer.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Today I needed to show that i can do two times tables so i did the 2 and 5 tables.


Today for SDL i had to record me speaking in maori doing a weather forcast

Monday, 15 June 2015


15 JUNE 

Today I had peer mediation and I almost forgot to go, I saw my friend Jonathan who's on with me, it reminded me to go and then I got a jacket and went on the field.  I felt I showed good responsibility and leadership for remembering my duty that day and for not needing anyone to come and tell me.  No one had any problems today but we walked and walked until it was time to stop.


12 JUNE 

Today we had Kapahaka and we started off with a song and then we got on the stage. Then we 
practiced our songs for our end of term proformance, we practiced doing the actions and then we made sure we knew the words for the song. This shows good leadership because it is the end of term performance and it is important to practice so that my performance in front of the whole school is perfect and I do not make mistakes. 


Today I had PALS with my friends and we decided to play football and we had at least
20-40 people there all kakano students there wasn't any problems just fair play and fun we gave out all of our pozi's we had to stop the ball every time the ball went out and then we asked someone to kick the ball in.This shows leadership by being able to control a game with multiple people and teaching people a new game.

Friday, 12 June 2015


This week for discovery I moved up to relational because we have used skills
and shot but not very accurate shots.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


this week for reading we did a follow up activitys teacher activitys must do's prediction sheet and vocab sheet.


This week Rm 26 has been writing about  career that we wont  to have when we are older here is some of my writing

Monday, 8 June 2015


8 June 

Today I had peer mediation I grabbed my jacket and an iPad.  We went outside on the field 
and walked and walked and walked around the field and no one had a problem today.  we went to the senior playground and no problems there either so we swapped.  When we walk around the field the kids know we are peer mediators because of our jackets, this also shows we are good leaders and responsible because we are allowed to be peer mediators out on the field. 


5 June 

Today I had kapahaka and we started off singing some songs.  We had a go at the actions for the song, sometimes they were hard and we helped some of the others to practise, this way we all got better.  then we had to practice in our lines doing the actions for the song.

Friday, 5 June 2015



Today I got involved by speaking at the 7/8 relaunch at school and handing out food and drinks and making the food at GARDEN TO TABLE.I spoke about what learning is like in my class and how I get organised.