Tuesday, 26 May 2015


26 May 

Today I had Kapahaka and it was really fun. We reminded ourselves about some songs and actions,
we learnt a new part of a song and we went through the haka while the girls did 
some poi.  The older kids learnt the actions and we helped the little kids with the actions to the haka, this was great leadership as we could teach and help the little kids to learn.

Monday, 25 May 2015


25 May 

Today I had Peer mediation in the first half I was a a bit late because I was making my tostie and eating it when we got on the field we walked one lap with no problems then we went to the senior playground 
and there still wasn't any problems so we walked another few laps and there still wasn't any so we swapped when it was time to swap over dutys. Even though I wasn't needed by anyone today it's good to be visible as a leader I case I am needed by someone.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Peer mediation #2E

18 May 

Today I had peer mediation I had already got on the field as I had forgotten about peer mediation. I remembered quickly that it was my day so I ran to the room where we get 
the jackets and iPads from and went on the field.  I walked and walked and walked 
but no one had any problems and then it was time to swap over so we swapped. I feel I showed good leadership by taking responsibility to remember my duty and get out on the field quickly. 


15 May 

Today I had kapahaka we went over all the songs and some of the actions of the songs.  We did it over  and over.  We learnt a new bit of a song that was easy to learn and kept practising 
and then it was time to stop.  Me and my friends are going to do a haka video. This shows leadership by showing the importance of practicing to get good at Kapahaka.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


14 March 

Today u was a role MODLE to the kakano student because at lunch time I was playing football and 
I was supporting other people so if they lost the ball I would say "unlucky" or "good try" and if the
other team scored I would clap (silently) and when we scored I wouldn't over celebrate.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


14 May 

Today I helped out around school by if someone fell over I would go over to help them like when someone accidentally knocked a kakano student over I would go and see if they're alright 
and if they weren't I would get a juty teacher to help


12 May 

Today I went to technology and on the bus I was talking to my friends next to me and once or 
twice around me then we got to technology and did some science played football at lunch 
and watched some science videos.


March 8

Today I had PALS with three other girls we had it with the kakano kids so we grabbed some 
hula hoops and like a horse shoe throughing game with rubber rings so we played around with some 
students and then went to the hola-a-hopes and played with them until it was time to pack up. This shows leadership because we were teaching the horse shoe throwing game, it wasn't that hard to teach them and it was really fun.

Monday, 11 May 2015


March 8

Today I had kapahaka we started off with a song and then we sung it again then the boys and
the girls split up so the boys learnt the haka and the girls learnt poi  since I had forgotten the haka
I needed an expert who knew the haka to stand next to me and help.I think I showed good leadership to others because I wasn't afraid to ask a expert for help.We went over it so much our legs hurt from slapping our thighs.


March 6

Today the kauri students had cross country at halswell domain,the year Fours went first at 12:50
then the year fives after that then the year sixes went then it was my race the year seven race it was 
3 KM the longest race it was in and out of the trees I finished fourth Jack mitchell came first
Finn keogan came second Levi green came third then we had the year eights then the medal ceremony then we left.



Today I had peer mediation I had forgotten it was Monday until the person that I was with reminded me 
that we had it I ran to get my vest and a iPad then we walked around the field and the senior playground and no one needed help then it was time to swap over.

Monday, 4 May 2015


4 March 2015

Today I had PEER MEDIATION with someone diffrent  because the person I usually go with had basketball team training so he got one of our friends to fill in for him so we grabbed our jackets 
and left without a IPad because they're weren't any left and then we left and walked and walked and walked and asked and asked and asked but know one had a problem then it was tim to swap.