Thursday, 30 July 2015


This term my goal is.....

Get my distinction badge.My distinction badge will help me to get a leadership role in 2016.


My new writing goal is......

punctuation is commas and contractions.

My writing goal is vocabulary. 


My new maths goal is.......

place value,I got this goal because in the asstell test I got those questions wrong.


My new reading goal is.....

language features that means using language like proverbs,metaphors ect.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Today I had PALS with some girls from another class.  We got elastic bands from the P.E shed and then we went onto the field and started.  There were lots of girls but no boys playing today. They made up these things to dance around with the elastic bands. This shows good leadership because we were responsible for taking out the elastic bands so we were responsible for making sure they were returned back to the P.E shed. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015


This week for maths we had a mesurement test in class 
we took the same test as before we started mesurement 
I think I did better than last time

My writing

This week for writing we changed subjects to arguments or speeches 
I'm doing a speech on Messi v Ronaldo who's better.

My times tables

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Today I had PALS and we were rostered to be on with Kauri students today.  We played a tag game called tricky tag and a game called Octopus.  We started off by playing Octopus and then people got board so we played Tricky Tag. No one had a problem today but if they did I would stop the people involved from playing and sort the problem out and then we could all start playing again.   Because we wear our jackets kids know who to come to when they are playing the game run by PALS.


This week for Kapahaka  we  started of with a few different songs and we are getting ready for the celebration of  learning assemblyat the end of the term.

Learner licence

This term when introduced leaner licence s I'm on the best witch makes me able to work anywhere in the school .