Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Leadership-Technology and on the bus

Today the Y 7/8 went to technology at Lincoln Primary School. On the bus I sat next to one of my friends and we talked to each other the whole way to Lincoln, when we got there I went to my class (Hard materials),I'm making a clock. My clock is going to be pine wood with legs coming out of the bottom of the clock,whilst I was there I sanded the WHOLE!!!! time. On the way back to school I sat at the back of the bus.I spent my time talking to one of my friends.

The learner Quality I showed was being a role model because I was only talking to the person next to me and not looking back to talk to others.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Leadership- Jelly park

On Friday the 18 of February the kauri team went to Jelly Park for Swimming fun day/races. I started by doing a speech to introduce the Swimming fun day at the start, I helped with getting people in there lanes for the width races. I  helped with the House games in the middle of the length and width races. I came 3rd and 5th in my races and in the relays we came 4th.

The learner quality that i showed was being a good role model by helping with all of the games.

Leadership traits

WALT: Describe the traits of a effective leader
SOLO: Multistructural
: I can describe the traits of an effective leader.

In class for the last 2 weeks we have been learning the 6 traits of a effective leader.

Integrity: You are honest.

Trustworthy: You can be trusted for different things.

Resilient: You never give up.

Goal focused: You work on a goal and keep working towards it e.g Becoming a Actor and working on things that actors do.

Active thinker: You don't rely on others to do things, you do it yourself.

Motivational: You motivate others to do things.

My next step is to I can compare and contrast the traits of different leaders.