Friday, 28 August 2015


This week for science we did the aspro lava lamp witch is where we get
a Beroca sort of thing  a 1/2 cup of water 1/4 oil and a dropper with food
colouring and then we put it all in the cup of water band it makes a lava lamp.


WALT: Identify language features in a text.

I have been working on identifying personification in a text

My next step is to be able to use personifacation in my writing
or to be able to be able to identify many language features.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Today for KAPAHAKA we started off by singing our three main songs. Then 
we started to learn the first half of a new song.We started to make different 
actions for the song and we practiced it heaps. I showed leadership by putting lots of ideas 
forward for the new actions.


Today in science we learnt about chemical reactions e.g baking soda and citric acid.
we did a activity were we put baking soda and citric acid in a balloon and then we put the balloon
over the top of the bottle to and then we poured  the powders in and then the balloon filled with air and one groups exploded.


WALT: To write a persuasive speech  or an persuasive text.

This work shows that I can write a persuasive speech.

I have been working on using commas and contractions in my writing correctly.

my next step is to edit my publishing and then make my writing in to cue cards.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Today I had radio, since the person who I'm rostered on with wasn't there, I had to find someone else to help with radio duty.  I found someone and we started on our script and songs.  We had started a bit late so we had to cut the show short.  I talked about the flags at our school then after a few songs we stopped and went back to class.  Today I showed leadership by getting someone to help me rather than doing it by myself which we are not allowed to do. If I had not found someone to help I could not have done my duty and radio would not have been on for the other students to listen to.

Monday, 17 August 2015


Today I had peer mediation but the field was closed so had to ask to do it with the people that were on the court area. We went to the juniors and there was no problems, so then we went to the senior area and we saw somone crying.  We helped them by asking if she was okay then we kept walking until it was time to swap over. I showed leadership by helping people even when they don't ask to be helped.


Today I had PALS with some of my friends and we decided to play football. I had to go and get some pozi's but I couldn't find anybody so I just went back to the game.  We had a few people but it wasn't enough to play football so I went and asked some People to come and play then we started. We made sure people got the ball and everything was fair. Some people scored goals and some of them were pretty good goals.  There were also some good saves.   The bell rang so we packed up and went to class. I showed leadership by making sure everyone got a fair and even go with the ball.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Today I had technology at Lincoln school with the other year 7/8s.  We travel to Lincoln school on the bus.  I was showing leadership on the bus by only talking to the people next to me.  There are rules while we are on the bus that we are only allowed to talk to the people next to us. When we arrived at Lincoln I went to sewing class and started threading my machine and then we were allowed to start I made three hacky sacks.


Today I had Radio station duty but I was running late for my duty.  At school we have a radio station and a handful of DJ's which I am one off.  Today when I arrived at radio duty the person I'm on with and Mr Mucullum were sorting what songs we were going to play and what articals to read. We started with our first song and one of the articles and then we played a few more songs. Then we stopped and we tidyed up because it was time to go to class and so we left.  This shows leadership by even if I was a bit late I still showed up instead of not coming.


Today I had peer mediation and since the field was closed I asked the people that were on the courts if I could do peer mediation with them and they said yes.  we put our jackets on and went to the junior area and then to the basketball courts. Then to the year 4,5,6 area and there were no problems so we went back to the junior area and there was a problem.  We tried to sort it out but the people involved kept running away so we had to get a duty teacher to help. I showed leadership by being able to get a duty teacher if needed rather than giving up and leaving it.


Today I had PALS and we were on kakano (little kids). We grabbed some skipping ropes,stilts and some hula hoops and let the kids play with everything. I played on the stilts and taught one little kid how to use them. Then I went to the skipping ropes and hula hoops and played with them for a we bit with the kids and showed them how to play with the things correctly. Then we packed up. I showed leadership by teaching the kids how to play with the equipment correctly.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


This week for sceince we did a experiment on 
conducting a fair test and today we are going to sceince with Mrs Steed


This week for writing we had to start writing
argument or speech my speech is on why Messi is better than Ronaldo.


This term my goal is.....

Get my distinction badge.My distinction badge will help me to get a leadership role in 2016.


WALT-Place value 

This week for maths we got our console and we looked through 
our console and looked for our new goal, my goal is place value.


WALT-Find Languague features

This week for Reading we had to read three diffrent 
poems about diffrent things.then we had to complete a activity 
on metaphors.

Monday, 3 August 2015


Today for Kapahaka it was the year 6 open night. witch show cases what
we do in year 7/8, so Kapahaka had to perform. We preformed 3 songs
and the Haka.This shows leadership by representing my school.