Thursday, 27 October 2016

Maths-Interpret scales,timetables and charts

WALT:Interpret scales,timetables and charts

Modelling book

I found Activity 1,4 and 3 ( see modelling book) easy because I didn't find using scales as hard as I thought I would, and I found the last activity hard which was to make a touch draw from 6 teams and they all had to play each other once because I lost track of what teams had played each other.


This term we have been learning about Parliament. We have looked at the difference between government and parliament, NZ parliament, who is in government, how our government works and we compared democracy to dictatorship.

Three things that I learned are NZ parliament are:

  • The Prime Minister sits in the 4th seat on the right 
  • The opposition leader sits on the 4th seat on the left 
  • The Depute Prime Minister sits on the 3rd seat on the right

Here is the link to my compare and contrast map explaining the difference between democracy and dictatorship.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Student Council - excellence badge

This week we had student council on a Tuesday because a lady from the ministry of education
came to talk to us about our learning at school and ask questions. We started by playing a game
to get to know each other then we she started to ask questions about school and stuff then we
got to leave after asking questions.

CARE Value: Active Thinking

I showed leadership by contributing to the group.

kapahaka excellence badge

Today we had the cultural festival witch is the thing that we have been practicing for  all year. We started at school we hoped on a bus to get to Horncastle arena we had a practice to make sure we knew how to get on stage later on in the night. After school we arrived at the arena and then we went to sit down in our seats in the arena, when it was our turn we went back stage and got ready then we went on and did our three songs and we also sang a song with a different school.

CARE Value: Excellence

I showed leadership by trying my best on stage when we were performing.

Kapahaka- Excellence badge

This week we started by sing our school song then we went and sat in front of the projector screen
and we watched our performance at cultural festival and then we watched the one from 2 years ago.
We watched it because we are learning two more song's for our next two performances then we started to look at one song's actions and learn the worlds and and then some actions as well.

CARE Value: Community

I showed leadership by helping people with there actions.

Student council - excellence badge

This week for Student council we didn't have it but we had the photo's and me and hannah had a meeting with Mrs Trotter about what we are going to do for this week for student council.
we started by looking at the education brief then we decided hat we would get students to write about what the would want in there new school and we talked about some other things and then we got to leave.

CARE Value: Active Thinking

I showed leadership by thinking of different things to talk about at student council.

Technology and on the bus - excellence badge

Today on the bus it wasn't very loud when we got to tech we went to our classes and we watched the videos that we made last week then we made our groups and then we decided what we are going to make and then we did some planing.Then we had morning tea after that we had mandarin then we hopped on the bus and it wasn't to loud either.

CARE Value: Excellence.

How I showed leadership: I wasn't being noisey on the bus.