Thursday, 24 September 2015


Today for PALs we got some of the skipping ropes out for the kids to play with. We got two long ropes out and we were busy at both and then when I looked at the courts their were at least 40 kids on the court when we were playing with the long rope I showed leadership by making sure little kids didn't get hit by the rope when we were spinning it.


Today for peer mediation it wasn't actually my day to be on duty but I had 
hurt my foot so I couldn't play sport so I decided to do peer mediation.
We went out to the field and started to walk and ask if anyone had any problems 
and then we found some little kids playing with sticks and it looked like they were 
fighting so we went over and talked to them and resolved the problem and then 
we took the stick and put it in the garden. Since that problem took so long the bell rang and we 
had to go class. I showed leadership by resolving the problem and telling the kids about the 
dangers of playing with sticks then we put the sticks away so other kids couldn't play with the sticks.

Kauri team events D

Today we had the teachers vs year 7/8 netball players play each other
In netball. We stood next to the court and the year 7/8 B team played the 
teachers first.  We started to cheer on the teachers and the teachers won the game. 
So we decided to cheer for the students in the next game when the year 7/8 A
team played and at the end of that the teachers won again. I showed leadership by 
not being silly when cheering on the teams.


Today for PALS we couldn't think of anything to do, so we grabbed some skipping ropes
for the kakano students. We got some of the ropes to start off with but they were too
small for some of the kids so we had to get a different size rope for the kids to play with. I gave some pozi's out to the kids who had good skipping skills.  Lots of other kids ended up coming to ay as well, and in the end there were 30-40 kids there. I showed leadership by being able to control all off the kakano students at one time.


This term I have done well are

*Stayed on task
*Done lots of leadership blogs
*Getting my work done
*being a leader at Koru Games

My things  that i could improve on are
*Not talking as much
*Not being off task
*doing more blogs

My goal for next term is to get my distinction.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Te reo

WALT: learn weather words in maori.

I have been learning weather words like sun,rain,wind and storm.

my next step is say those words fluently.

Te reo

WALT: To learn Birthday words.

I have been learning different words in maori like candles,cake and presents.

my next step is to be able to speak those words fluently.


WALT: Create a game on scratch

I have been finishing my matrix and starting my reaserch.

my next step is to start making the game and present it.


WALT: To make a game on scratch.

I have began making the game and finished the matrix

My next step is to finish the game. 


WALT: Find simple angles.

I have been finding the diffrence between all the diffrent angles.

My next step is to get all the qestions in the test right.


WALT: To write a persuasive speech

I have done my draft and research about why Messi is better than Ronaldo.

My next step is to write my published version and present my speech.


This week for reading we did a test for reading and I think I did well it was my first level five test and it was pretty hard.

My next thing to do is to get my console  and identify what I need to work on.


WALT: Explain the meaning of the value digits in a number.

This work shows that i can successfully identify colums and give the value of each number in each collum.

My next step is to get all the questions in the tests right.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Helping out around the school

Today I was showing leadership by helping my friend who got punched in the back. We were playing football when my friend got the ball off someone and then that person punched him in the back, he fell to the ground and we got a duty teacher to help then she said that someone needs to take him to the the sick bay so I helped him to the sick bay went then I went back to class.


Today I had PALS with three other girls we had it with the kakano kids.  The KAKANO kids are junior kids so it is important to spend time playing with them.  as we are the senior kids they look up to us so it is important that we show good leadership and behaviour around them. Then if they have any problems they will come and see us because they already know us well because we play with them sometimes.  After we grabbed some hula hoops and a horse shoe throwing game with rubber rings, 
we played around with some students and then went to the hula hoops and played with them until it was time to pack up. 


Today for Peer mediation the field was closed so I walked with the people on the court and we found our first problem.   On the playground a girl hit another girl with a branch and we asked them to apologise to each other.  Then we found another girl crying because a boy had stepped on her foot then kicked her, we couldn't solve the problem because this was quite complicated so we decided to put it in the doc and leave it for their teacher to figure it out. I showed leadership by being able to help people with multiple problems even though we did not solve them all, we knew what to do so the problem we couldn't solve would be resolved by the teacher.


Today for kapahaka we started by singing our new school song and then practising the actions 
to the song. After that we started to focus on another song and practice this new one, some of the girls got taken out to practice the poi and when the girls were away practising I helped some of the little kids with the actions to the song. Helping others is showing good leadership.


Today for Peer mediation I started by going onto the field and we walked around the field once before for we got our first problem.  The problem was that someone kicked someone's ball then one of them
pulled the others collars and then started crying.  We fixed the problem by sitting down and talking to everyone to find out what had happened, the they said sorry to each other and we carried on walking around the field. I showed leadership by being able to solve this problem by getting everyone to talk things out and apologise to each other.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games

Over the last three days I enjoyed playing Football and being involved in a penalty shoot out.
 I really improved on my my movement off the ball and giving people support.
My goal for the next sport's tournament, I want to come in a better place than sixth.

Friday, 11 September 2015


Today I had radio duty, since the person who I'm usually on with wasn't there, I had to find someone else to help. I found someone and we started on our script and songs.  We started off by talking about the flags at our school and then we talked about some of the rules of Disney world employee rules. After a few songs, we finished our duty and went back to class. Today I showed leadership by being able to cut the show short when needed to rather than getting in trouble by running over time and being late for class.


This week for Kapahaka we continued to practice the first half of a new song we started to practice last week. Then we sang the second half of the song and came up with more actions for the song. I like the actions that we learnt. I showed leadership today by helping show the little kids how to do some of the actions correctly.


Today for Kapahaka we only had a short amount of time so I showed leadership by getting into lines and not mucking around and getting ready quickly. We started off by singing our school song 
and practicing some actions and then we sang a song that I don't know the name of then we had to go because we only had a limited amount of time to do kapahaka this week.

Monday, 7 September 2015


Today for Peer mediation we started off walking around the field and we found someone with a problem. The problem was someone was playing with sticks.  We fixed that problem then someone else had another problem.  A girl had been hit by someone's hand so we had to fix the other problem quickly then we tried to find the person who had hit her but we couldn't find the person anywhere.  We told her what to do if it happens again and then we were finished.  We were good leaders because we explained to her what she needed to do if this happened again and we were there to help her.


This week for kapahaka we started off with the school song and practiced it about three times. We weren't getting loud enough so we had to sing in our year groups instead of the whole group. We practiced another song that I can't remember the name of and we were given some lollipops. I showed leadership today by leading by example, I did what I was told and did not let the group down by not singing loud enough. it's important to sing as loud as we can so the audience can hear us.


Today for radio we started off by introducing ourselves and then we started to play the  
first song. We read some news about the school and the year 8's. We played another song then 
we read an article that I had found out about that I wanted to share.  It was about someone getting 27 million dollars from her dads will.  after that we finished with one direction. Today I showed leadership by getting a news piece ready without being reminded to and sharing it.


 Today for radio there was someone that couldn't do radio so I said I would do it for them.
We started of the show by introducing ourselves and then played the first song.  We read the
news and then played another song.   We read out the school news letter and then finished 
with a song called Happy by pharrel Williams. I showed good leadership and teamwork by helping out and doing a radio duty when I didn't need to.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Being a role model to the kakano students

Today I was showing leadership by helping my friend who got punched in the back. We were playing football when my friend got the ball off someone and then that person punched him in the back, he fell to the ground and we got a duty teacher to help then she said that someone needs to take him to the the sick bay so I helped him to the sick bay went back to class.